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Amazing Amanda

I am Amazing Amanda,
pretty and perfectly pink;
you're bound to be stunned by my candour,
and the way I apparently think.

You're not my mummy. My phrases
are governed by times of the day.
In the morning, I blow you to blazes;
at evening I kneel down and pray.

I love you by trial, or error,
and weep when my battery's working.
I will not say “war upon terror”,
have programmed myself to stop smirking.

I love my hair brushed when I'm lying
beside you, but please do not trim it.
Take care what you do. When you're dying,
my language is pushed to the limit.

And remember, I can't understand a
thing that you tell me. You heard:
I may be Amazing Amanda
but sometimes I run out of word.

Amazing Amanda
A new interactive doll called Amazing Amanda is likely to be this year's Christmas hit. The doll recognises whether her owner is 'mummy', changes her moods according to the time of day, and can say “I love to have my hair brushed”. The US government is ditching the catchphrase “the war on terror”.
27 July 2005


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