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The God Particle

Somewhere in the sub-atomics,
teensy-weensy, on its tod,
lurks the life-force, known by comics
as the secret name of God.

Was a time when many feared it,
finding out what God was called:
will his name be booming, bearded?
Will it leave the world appalled?

What's the premise it will rest on?
Is it small, like charm or quark?
Will it guest on Charlton Heston's
chatshow, natter in the dark?

Is it thin, infinitesimal,
or a pinprick, trick of light?
Smaller than the longest decimal,
and will it bark or even bite?

Is it genuine, the article
dancing in electric mist?
Could be that God's odd particle
doesn't actually exist?

Is it moving? is it still?
Will Dawkins greet it with applause?
And would Cecil B. De Mille
film it? Would it give him pause?

Will it give a Big Bang, blow up
every rule we learned at school?
More important, will it show up,
play the field, or play the fool?

Is it real gone, life's non-starter,
or the speck or spit of us:
Heston's name was John Charles Carter.
Is God that anonymous?

Experiment, so sang Cole Porter,
leads to merriment. No doubt,
God will lean back, sip some water,
say he's zilch, nil, zero, nowt.

Maybe this will leave an inkling,
solve conundrums, steal the show.
A growl? Will we see Charlton twinkling,
his voice recorded, extra-slow.

Click here for the story in The Independent.

The God Particle
Professor Peter Higgs was interviewed after first seeing the Collider tunnel – 27km long and circular - built to find the particle which, it is said, will unlock many of the universe's mysteries. It is called 'Higgs' Boson', but also known as 'The God Particle'. On the same day as Higgs was interviewed, Charlton Heston died. His voice (slowed down) was used as God's voice in The Ten Commandments, in which he also played Moses.
9 April 2008


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