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On That Note

As doctors have declared for free,
As God above stands witness,
This note will be the life of me
For it proclaims my fitness.

Bring me work, and more not less,
And let me sing Hey Diddle.
Yes, pile it on. I'm free from stress,
And fitter than a fiddle.

No, sir. My state is Not A Con:
I'm sunnier than Jim.
My G.P. says the show goes on,
And with especial vim.

I have not broken out in spots;
No dose of diarrhoea.
The medics need not give me shots:
I love my great career.

Look at my note, come one and all –
How can you call me ailing?
That squiggle is the doctor's scrawl –
It proves I am not ailing.

For those of you who claim I'm ill,
And sickening of late,
I urge you, friends, to wait until
I've passed my well-by date.

Click here for the story in The Guardian.

On That Note
A report on work-related ill health by Dame Carol Black called for the introduction of a 'fitness note', to replace the sick-note. The Labour Party slumped further in the polls.
19 March 2008


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