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Star Fish

One, two, three, four, shoal.
We count with derring-do.
It goes for cod, for hake, for sole,
It goes for herring, too.

All four of us are over-fished.
Where once the deep blue sea meant
Freedom, now we're almost dished.
There is no Net(t) Agreement.

How many of us have been caught?
Is there no quota law?
We're hooked, and hacked, and sold, and bought –
And yes, we mean all four.

Oh yes, you save the mammals (whales).
Oh yes, we're what you cherish.
Until your eyes fall from your scales,
All four of us will perish.

All human are mere psychopaths
Who rob both earth and sea.
How come? Go figure – do the maths,
Before we're down to three.

Click here for the story in The Guardian.

Star Fish
Fish can count up to four, according to researchers at the University of Padova, Italy.
February 28 2008


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