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If your flight won't suit the airspace,
and your chin needs to be scratched -
say, for instance, you're not bare-face -
here's a chute (no strings attached).

If can't find things to smile at,
think our Leader does not care -
like a lip-fuzz-loving pilot,
out you jump. Into thin air.

If you think the Real McCoy's thick
tufts of handlebar, which sprout –
well, a moustache and a joystick
should be strangers. You are out –

and if you think that Bob Mugabe
isn't President for Life,
then you've fewer brains than Barbie.
See this hand? It wields a knife.

Yes, we only want the shaven,
in the cockpit, or on board.
All your opposition's craven.
Exit now. We've cut your cord.

Click here for the pilot story in The Independent.

Click here for the Zimbabwe story from Al-Jazeera.

Indian pilot Joynath Victor De was fired for having a handlebar moustache. In Zimbabwe, Simba Makoni has been expelled from the ruling Zanu-PF party for challenging Robert Mugabe in the forthcoming elections.
13 February 2008


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