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Deferred Success

Hello. Our names are Blair and Bush:
We're working on our final push -
We heave together, more or less.
It's what we call deferred success.

Of course our problems are immense,
We give you that, spare no expense:
What we don't know, you could not guess.
We've erred? No, sir. Deferred success.

Intelligence? And that comes from?
Sometimes the brightest brains will bomb.
We're pawns in international chess,
Are slow, prefer deferred success.

We rub along, we have some style,
There's substance in our every smile,
And yes, our homework looks a mess.
Words fail you? Try 'deferred success'.

The classroom's like a sauna, steamy.
Don't write in red, or scribble See Me:
This is an issue to address,
A challenge, a deferred success.

We cannot solve these sums at once,
But who would dare to call us dunce? -
These hearts we break, this flesh we press,
These splintered bones. Deferred success.

Deferred Success
A proposal to be debated at the Professional Association of Teachers next week will suggest replacing the word 'failure' with the phrase 'deferred success'.
20 July 2005


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