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Mouse Drippings

I asked at my appraisal,
And at my interview,
What work they meant by 'nasal',
And what work I'd - squachoo!

They looked me in the iris;
They handed me some cheese.
They mentioned 'rhinovirus'
And – excuse me – I must sneeze.

They said it was genetic
(Apols. My nose is leaking).
The lab's not too frenetic –
Quite formal, strictly squeaking.

I know I'm not a primate,
Since a primate's often ill,
And perhaps it is the climate
That has made me catch this chill,

And my salary's been paid up,
And I work hard, so I'm told,
But I'm sorry. I am laid up
With a most uncommon cold.

Now I may sound wee and sleekit,
But my doc says I've a thick throat.
I'll be off work for a week. It
May be more. Enclosed, my sicknote.

Click here for the story in The Independent.

Mouse Drippings

A mouse (well, more than one) has been genetically modified so that it can catch the common cold, to assist with finding a cure to human rhinoviral infections.

Thanks to Min for suggesting the Burns reference

6 February 2008


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