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This Citizen Does Not Exist

This citizen does not exist:
He may pretend that he's not dead.
It drives you nearly round the twist

To listen to the man insist
He is alive. That's why I said
'This citizen does not exist' –

Statistically, he's off the list.
The will to live, eat daily bread,
It drives you. Nearly round the twist,

I told you that the general gist
Of death is more than bath or bed.
This citizen does not exist –

He cannot shake me (or his fist).
He's playing havoc with my head.
It drives you nearly round the twist –

He's in the graveyard, can't be missed:
No more! Please read these laws instead:
This citizen does not exist!
(It drives you nearly round the twist.)

Click here for the Reuter's report.

This Citizen Does Not Exist

Piotr Kucy, of Polkowice, Poland, was wrongly identified as drowned. Five months later, authorities are still saying 'This citizen does not exist'. On the plus side, he is exempt from tax.

A £19 million UK lottery winner, Stephen Smith, has a life-threatening illness. As he said, “There's no shops in the cemetery, is there?”

30 January 2008


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