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The Italian Job

I'm speaking through interpreters,
and urging you, have pride:
is not enough the cat who purrs,
needs lions deep inside.

I do not want the kickabouts,
no truffle-pigs with five-star snouts –
I want your lion's whiskers.

Bring me all your battleships,
and never mind your cruisers;
all must win, not waggle hips
like beauties who are losers.

Do not play to gallery,
and do not play to WAGS,
and do not play to salary,
or else you pack your bags.

My English teacher has worked hard:
I learn each word that she say.
But still our conversation's barred
for you speak only cliché.

What is this saying 'we done good'?
What 'situationwise'?
Your English must be understood
before you win the prize.

The Italian Job
The new manager of the English football team, Fabio Capello, is on a £6m salary. He speaks little English, but promises to learn in the next four weeks.
19 December 2007


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