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Begging Letters

I beg you for your patience.
I beg you for my bowl.
I beg you for donations.
I beg you for my soul.

I beg you for our coffers.
I beg you for relief.
I beg you. Any offers?
I beggar all belief.

I beggar you, my neighbour.
I beg you for my box, see.
I beg you for New Labour.
I beg you through a proxy –

Oh dear, I beg your pardon.
I beg you. Let it grieve me.
I beg with jam and lard on.
I beg you to believe me.

I beg you. Let it shame me,
I beg you in disgrace.
I beg you please to blame me,
Beg for egg upon my face.

I beg you, but I'm rumbled.
I beg you not. The regu-
lations! Beg you, humbled.
Oh beggar me! I beg you.

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Begging Letters
The Labour Party broke its own rules on accepting donations, by accepting £650,000 from a property developer through four proxies. The party's general secretary resigned, and Gordon Brown was left to apologise profusely, and to set up an inquiry.
28 November 2007


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