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I'm On The Mountain

Hi there. I am on the verge
of somewhere very high and white.
I called you. I just had the urge
to tell you that I feel all right.
The oxygen is low, it's true,
and I am almost past endurance,
but still I have a signal. Do
make sure that Tibbles has insurance.

Hi there. Yes, I'm somewhere Swiss,
but still have strength to send a text:
as long as Puss is not amiss,
I'll risk this life before the next.
My frozen flag has been unfurled,
my lips are cracked. I'm fine, my lover,
I feel on top of all the world –
my mobe and moggy both have cover.

Hello, I'm on the mountain. Yes,
I'm in the Alps. Or Pyrenees.
Or Scotland. I am in distress,
so phoned before my fingers freeze.
Yes, the Chinese network's great, but
my hands haven't strength to chafe.
Death? Not long, I think, to wait. But
phone and feline – both are safe.

Click here for article in The Guardian about British geographical knowledge

Click here for article in The Register about phone masts on Everest

Click here for online piece about life insurance. The information about cats was on AOL.

I'm On The Mountain
A Chinese company has installed a mobile phone network on Mount Everest; one in three British adults think Everest is in Europe; and more people have insurance against loss of mobile phones (or indeed, pets) than against critical illness .
14 November 2007


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