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Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals arrive like swarms of sickly spores.
You see them working blithely, both in- and out-of-doors.
They fill the place with faces. They could be drunk or sober.
I couldn't give a monkeys that it's been a strange October.

Don't tell me that the grass is greener on the other side.
Don't tell me global warming means we'll be emulsified.
Don't bring me all these eco-fads. You're all a bunch of mystics.
But count the foreign nationals, and give me their statistics.

Glaciers unfreezing. So? Just hurry to the airport,
And get the foreign nationals. I cannot rest till they're caught:
Al Gore can win the lottery, Al Gore can win the Nobel,
I'll show you foreign nationals. That's what I mean by global.

Dusk is dawn and dawn is dusk and motorways are clogged,
But I won't sleep till foreign-bloody-nationals are logged.
Armageddon threatens? They should ban this kind of blether.
No foreign nationals can talk about the English weather.

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Foreign Nationals
There was a persistent fuss about how many 'foreign nationals' there were in the country. A poll also showed that 'eco-fatigue' had set in, and that voters were getting bored with environmental issues.
31 October 2007


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