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Gene Fool

It doesn't take a fool to see
That scientists as bright as me
Were issued with their brains for free.

It need not take you day and night
To see I'm in and on the right:
I've written it in black and white.

Who needs it couched in layman's terms?
I've opened up a can of worms:
Here's me – pink, pale, and never squirms.

Let History remain my judge:
I'll be that tiny stain or smudge
That cleansing cannot shift or budge.

My skull is empty, dark and dim.
What's that they're saying? “Sunny Jim –
As engineers, let's start with him.”

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Gene Fool
Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson argued that black people were less intelligent than white. In his time, he has also argued that genetic engineering could help eliminate 'stupidity'.
17 October 2007


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