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The Sun Has Got Its Hat Back

Bring back my sweatshirt and stetson,
Bring back my trousers. Hooray.
Pile all the boules and baguettes on
The blaze. It's a beautiful day.

My name is Sebastian Bono,
My name is Ken Livingstone-Edge:
See our stadia rock. When we're gone, oh,
Take pride in our meat and two veg.

We've won back our rings. What a tonic.
Three cheers for old red, white and blue:
We were shabby, but now we're iconic
And we've found what we're looking for, too.

Yes, our city was greasy and creased and
A place where the streets had no name –
Now the stars will run wild in the East End,
And the world will be wowed by our fame.

You can't steal our second-hand get-up,
Now we're dressed in the sexiest leather:
Love's come to town. Work a sweat up –
Let us praise our Olympian weather.

The Sun Has Got Its Hat Back
London will stage 2012's Olympiad. U2's Bono had an 'iconic' stetson, some trousers, a green sweatshirt and some earrings returned by a court judgment against a former publicist, who took them in the 1980s.
6 July 2005


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