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Greasy Polls

I drank the bar dry, and then, clammily,
I lusted deep down in my soul.
Am I spending more time with my family?
No chance. I am up in the poll.

I lied upon oath, upon altar,
And lurched here and there on the floor.
Is my campaign beginning to falter?
Not a bit. I'm increasing my score.

My actions weren't slight or subliminal,
My intentions were those of a goat.
So am I thought cruel or criminal?
Not so. It has boosted my vote.

I was playing the lecher, not dating;
I was out on the pull, not the push.
Oh, it's great for your popular rating
When you're facing an ally of Bush.

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Greasy Polls
Australian opposition Labour Party's leader, Kevin Rudd, has seen his approval ratings rise after revelations of an alcoholic night out in a New York lap-dancing club.
5 September 2007


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