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Merlin Wha Hae

I am a weird and wondrous wizard,
Filled with whisky, full of banter.
But I possess a tartan gizzard -
What? pointy hat? No - tam o'shanter.

King Arthur was no Christian king –
All that's a fib, an English fable.
He liked a dram, he loved to sing
And fling his limbs. His Rounded Table

Was ringed with chieftans, thane or laird,
With Galahads from Galashiels.
His beard was red, his legs were bared,
And how he loved his eightsome reels.

He sang no Land Of Hope And Glory;
He prayed that sassenachs be scattered;
He never, ever voted Tory;
He liked to eat his Mars Bars battered.

In London, where the laws are biroed,
Where laws are scrawled on English papers,
They know that Merlin took the high road,
They know he breathed the Scottish vapours.

My ghost is waiting, full of curses,
My claymore longs to claim the town –
To London, where the public purse is!
Aye, think on Merlin, Gordon Brown.

Merlin Wha Hae
King Arthur's wizard Merlin is not English or Welsh, but hailed from Glasgow, Adam Ardrey says in a new book Finding Merlin: the Truth Behind the Legend. He claims Merlin was real and lived with his wife, Gwendolin, at Ardery Street, off Dumbarton Road from 600 to 618. Ardrey says his research shows Merlin was born in the year 540 in central Scotland. The amateur historian argues that the real story has been suppressed by Christian writers. The book claims Merlin was assassinated. – The Guardian, 28 August 2007
29 August 2007


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