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Long In The Tooth

So that's what became of my molar:
I knew it would turn up in time.
I was out by my cave, drinking Cola,
When I witnessed a typical crime.

Neanderthal man was out walking,
And a hominid mugged him, for fun.
News spread, and had everyone talking:
In no time, a fight had begun –

On one side were bullies, believers
That two wrongs add up to a right.
On the other were those who think Grievous
And Bodily Harm's a delight.

It turned to a war in a minute,
The sort that you think of, if pressed:
Who sparked it? Did someone begin it?
Is it moral, blah blah, and the rest...

This happens a lot. It's genetic,
I think: can't be stopped by a law.
We fight all the time, are frenetic
(And someone whopped me in the jaw).

Some say religion's behind it.
Some say it's age; some say youth.
I'm twenty, too ancient to mind it –
Back then, I was long in that tooth.

Click here for article about the discovery – and photo

Long In The Tooth
A human tooth more than a million years old has been dug up in Spain – at least 200,000 years older than any previous human remains. Its owner was thought to have been 20-25.
4 July 2007


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