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Last Tango For Paris

My karma used to be so pharmaceutical,
My world a kind of paradise hotel.
I used to keep my brain inside a cuticle
Until God blessed me with this prison cell.

And He prefers His blondes, and so He'll spare us:
He's shown me glitz is only shallow glamour.
From now on I will be a caring heiress,
And thank my Lord He's shut me in this slammer.

It's come to me with stark and sudden clarity
That I've been acting dumb, and it must cease:
From now on, I will holiday for charity,
And party hard for universal peace.

Yes, all my life, I've lived in stupid pleasure,
And now it's time to start some real repentance:
And isn't that the thing you do at leisure?
You'll find out when I've finished off this sentence.

click here for article in The Times about Paris's conversion

Last Tango For Paris
Asked how she is now she has been sent back [to jail], Paris Hilton replied: “I used to act dumb. That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. God has given me this new chance.” - The Times
13 July 2007


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