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Our Gracious Homeopath

Dear Great Queen Beth, how close to death
Your Highness might be, though your wealth
Perhaps ensures you pension, breath,
And no need for the National Health.

Your Majesty, you live – Great Briton!
You're royal by Vox Pop's appointment –
And now we pray that you'll stay fit on
Homeopathic pills and ointment.

Perhaps it's time, Ma'am, you took action,
To save your source of medication –
No effort – you'll need just a fraction
To save alt. doctors for the Nation.

Some droplets stop the country failing;
Some dabs hold back the tide of tyranny;
Now you're Official, don't be ailing.
(Or else we may turn Helen-Mirreny.)

A little pinch, you will agree,
May save their tinctures – cash well-spent.
And even Republicans like me
Are right behind you – one per cent.

click here for article in The Guardian about homeopathy

click here for article in The Guardian about The Queen's 'victory'

Our Gracious Homeopath
The Queen was voted 'Greatest Living Briton' this week, over the likes of Robbie Williams. Senior doctors are campaigning to end NHS funding of homeopathic treatment, arguing that the evidence of its efficacy is 'equivocal at best'. According to 'The Guardian', The Queen 'reportedly takes 60 vials of homeopathic remedies with her when she goes abroad in case she falls ill.'
23 May 2007


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