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The Filling

Please look inside my sinless soul
And answer me this riddle:
How much of me is hot as air,
What substance fills my middle?

Think back: was wholemeal bread about
When I first rose to fame?
Did margarine possess such clout?
Was fast food in the frame?

Did ordinary folk feel I
Could speak their daily language?
Y'know, I feel that, smart and spry,
I changed their daily sandwich.

Did I make errors? That's your call.
Was my bread over-crusted?
Did Mother's Pride precede my fall?
Did my ham need more mustard?

That's it from me. It's time to leave,
To put the bread-knife down.
You'll miss me, lick your lips, and grieve –
But here's a Slice Of Brown.

The Filling
Tony Blair announced his impending resignation as Prime Minister, just as National Doughnut Week was drawing to a close, and British Sandwich Week was ready to begin.
10 May 2007


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