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Confidence And Supply

We require reasons why,
confident that you'll supply
questions for answers put,
water for our hands to dry.

When your face is white as soot,
and the waves bathe King Cnut,
our supply's as confident
as thirteen inches to the foot.

We'll know what you mean (and meant)
if we back your government,
and confidence! supply us that!
leaving leisure to repent.

Jargon is just my old hat,
confident it will supply
tat for tit, and tit for tat:
Latin, amo, amas, amat.


Anyway, we hope that's clearer,
coalition not much nearer,
sitting here upon this fence,
with, aye, supply and confidence.

Confidence And Supply
The Green Party will not form a coalition with the Scottish National Party in the Scottish Parliament, but will vote with them according to the merits of each issue – what is currently known as a tactic of 'confidence and supply'.
8 May 2007


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