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Deceitful Charlatans

I don't hold with Michael Moore,
Beneath contempt, beyond the law,
I don't care for what was done,
I just sold the man the gun.

I didn't know what 'bitter end' meant,
But I've read the Second Amendment,
Through my veins feel red blood run,
I just sold the man the gun.

A gunsmith cuts the finest figure,
His finger tender on the trigger,
He sleeps at ease when day is done.
I just sold the man the gun.

Bombs, grenades, a nuclear stockpile,
Half the world reduced to rockpile,
Incendiaries fall, ton on ton,
I just sold the man the gun.

I just sold the man the gun,
I'm not blaming anyone,
I'm no deceitful charlatan,
I'm one hard-headed businessman.

A bullet need not make a sound,
And I can silence any round,
Protect my wife, my daughter, son.
I just sold the man the gun.

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Deceitful Charlatans

'Deceitful charlatans' – phrase in Cho Seung-Hui's last note

'I just sold him the gun' – John Markell, Roanoke Firearms

'I think guns don't kill people, people kill people' – Leane Anderson, local gun-shop owner

'Gun bans are the problem' – The Gun Owners Of America

18 April 2007


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