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Putting Me Off

Dear Boris, please do get a grip,
and keep your brains in gear.
Male teachers are not jumping ship
for fear

that they'll be named as criminal,
or victims of a vendetta.
There's plenty think that women'll
just do better.

The simplest reasons don't occur
to your great cerebellum.
If thoughts assail you in a blur,
don't tell 'em.

I know you see the world as mad,
from your peculiar slant,
but could you cut the slang ('egad!',
'my giddy aunt!')?

Your Billy Bunter act is very good,
and, most effectively,
it is the reason I've not stood
as a Tory MP.

Putting Me Off
Conservative 'higher education spokesman', Boris Johnson, has waded into the debate about the high proportion of female primary school teachers. He claims men are put off by the threat of being accused of paedophilia. 'Oh, do I want to get tied up with all that malarkey?' is the thought he ascribes to potential male teachers. He also said, 'I don't want to bat for paedophiles, but I think we ought to keep a sense of perspective.'
21 March 2007


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